August 2005
Carnival: Small leaves splashed and
striped with yellow, pink, and green.
Coppershine: Small dark green-brown
leaves turn bright copper in winter.
Pink Splendor: Larger green leaves
with irregular yellow margins tinged
with pink. Pinker in winter.
repens ‘Picturata’: Larger bright green
leaves with central yellow blotch.
Marble Queen: Larger green leaves
splashed with cream. 2’ tall x 4’ wide.
Rainbow Surprise: Puts on a show
with its intriguing color change.
Very small leaves are peachy-gold
and green in summer, darkening to
orange in fall, to red in winter.  
This genus of evergreen shrubs has such shiny leaves they appear to be varnished or dipped in oil. One of
their common names is
Mirror Plant. All varieties do well in sunny seacoast conditions, preferring a little
light shade inland. They tolerate a wide variety of soils and need little to moderate water. Enjoy their
natural form or shear into regular shapes. Combine with our fine selection of bronze, gold and green
for a rich and satisfying effect. Makes a great contrast with
Ericas and Coleonema. The branches are a
wonderful accent in flower arrangements. All are about 4’ x 4’.
Good and Evil Grasses
The evil word in the horticultural world is “invasive.” Certain plants are classified by the Agricultural Department as
noxious weeds because they invade farmland and wild areas.
Stipa tenuissima, aka Nasella tenuissima, (Mexican
Feather Grass)
has recently been added to the noxious weed list so we are no longer growing it. However, we do have
many wonderful grasses which are well behaved.
Pennisetum orientale:
Oriental Fountain Grass
A mound of narrow green leaves
topped with fluffy pink plumes.  
Resembles P. setaceum, but is not
invasive. 2’ x 2 ½’. Full sun, moderate
water and good drainage.
Stipa ramosissima: Pillar of Smoke
Spectacular 3’ x 6’ evergreen bamboo
like clump. Flower heads are so finely
textured they look like clouds of
smoke. Heat, drought and seacoast
Stipa arundinacea:
New Zealand Wind Grass  
The flower heads form a purple
haze above the shiny fountain of
leaves. Tolerates many soil types
in sun or light shade. 2' X 2'.
Looks fabulous with our
Tweedia caerulea
This shrubby perennial has a quirky charm that
draws you for a closer look. The starry flowers
are a rare shade of pale blue. The leaves are
narrow heart shapes. The seedpods are, well,
weird. Grows to 3’ tall. Plant in full sun. Pinch
back to encourage bushy habit.
Chocolate Cosmos
Cosmos atrosanguineus
People crave this fascinating flower as much as they
crave chocolate itself! Such a deep red it is almost
brown…and it actually smells chocolatey. It is well
worth the simple care it needs. Plant in full sun with
good drainage and air circulation. It prefers not to
have wet leaves. It dies back to its tuberous root in
winter, so mark the spot or dig up and store the tubers.
Clerodendrum ugandense compact
Blue Butterflies
The delicate and exotic looking flowers of this African shrub
resemble swarms of dainty blue butterflies.   We have a rare
compact form, which is not gangly and rangy like most
specimens.  We don’t know its ultimate size but it is well below
the species’ 10’ tall by 6’ wide.  It is hardy to roughly 25
degrees.  Grow in part shade with medium water.  Native to
Uganda and Kenya.  For you nomenclature buffs take note:  it is
drum not Clerodendron.  There is no official common
name for this shrub but some we have seen are
Blue Wings,
African Butterfly Bush, Blue Butterfly Bush, and Blue
Glory Bower.
Evergreen Hydrangea
Dichroa febrifuga

Flattened clusters of tiny blue or pinkish flowers
in summer followed by electric-blue berries.
Perfect for a woodland garden in dappled shade.
Grows to 6’ x 6’.  Medium water.
Fun Combo of the Month
A restrained palette of silver, pink and bronze with a dramatic
contrast between woolly and spiky.  Grow in sun or light shade
with excellent drainage and moderate water.

Adenanthos sericea: Woolly Bush.  Soft, silvery foliage and
open branching habit to 6’–10’ tall and wide.  Red claw-like

Cordyline ‘Pink Stripe’ . Phormium-like when young, growing a
tree-like trunk when mature. Bronze leaves with pink stripes.  
Grows slowly to 10’ tall.
One of our most eagerly awaited crops is ready now.
‘Becky Mix’: Dwarf mounding type 10” tall. Shades of gold, yellow and orange.
‘Indian Summer’: Huge golden yellow flowers with dark brown centers. 40” tall.
‘Sonora’: Yellow and burgundy flowers with dark brown centers. 18” tall.
‘Irish Eyes’:  Single yellow flowers with unique green center.  18” tall.
We have two new varieties this year in limited quantities:
‘Maya’:  Award winning double yellow flowers on dwarf stems to 20” tall.
‘Prairie Sun’:  Unique and striking flower with green center and petals that are dark yellow at the base
and pale yellow at the tips.  32” tall.
Indian Summer
Prairie Sun

Irish Eyes
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