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February 2006
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Barbarea vulgaris variegata

We have a beautiful crop of Variegated Cress. Its shiny gold
and dark green leaves will give a splash of color to your
garden and a peppery bite to your salads. Give it regular
water in a sunny or partly shady spot. Next spring it will
produce little yellow flowers. Let it go to seed, and you will
have a perpetual supply of filling for those little tea
sandwiches. 12” x 8”.
White Calla Lilies

It’s time for Zantedeschia aethiopica again.  These
ubiquitous flowers are surprisingly popular.  Their pure
white spathes are elegant and long lasting as a cut flower.
Dianthus, aka Garden Pinks or Carnations, are ready.  We have dwarf mounding varieties and taller ones
that make wonderful cut flowers with their sweet clove fragrance. They have gray leaves and flowers in
various shades of pink, salmon, white and red. Dianthus enjoy fast draining, slightly alkaline soil in sun or
light shade. This is a classic romantic flower that makes a lovely Valentine’s Day gift.
New Pink Hardenbergia

We are stoked about the rare Pink variety of  Happy
Wanderer Vine.
The flowers are an elegant shade of
pale pink with a lavender tint. Its growth habit is
shrubbier than the more common purple variety.  Grows to
Syringa ‘Lavender Lady’
Lavender Lady’ is the most popular of
Descanso series of Lilacs.  It is
specially bred to perform well in our
mild climate. Our 15 gallon plants will
bloom soon. The sweetly fragrant,
bright lavender flower clusters make
great bouquets.

Dazzling and tough, Watsonias
Bugle Lilies are an excellent
choice for low-water, low-
maintenance gardens. The corms
naturalize freely in our climate.
Every few years you can dig
some up for your friends. The 3’
tall flower spikes are ideal for
cut flowers. We have red,
orange, pink, and white.
Stipa ramosissima
This spectacular grass is called Pillar of Smoke because the seed heads are so finely textured they look
like clouds of smoke. Its bright green foliage stays good looking all year. The elegant jointed stems look
like a miniature bamboo. Use it in a mass planting for a fast growing screen or plant one for a focal point.
It forms a clump 6’ tall and 3’ wide. Great for seacoast gardens. It tolerates wind, heat and drought, but
looks best with some water.

If you wait until the flower spikes form to buy our Delphiniums, you might
miss them! We have the Pacific series of
Delphinium elatum. With rich,
well-drained soil, full sun, plenty of water, fertilizer and snail bait, they
will reach 4’ tall.

Astolat-Pink with black center
Black Knight-Deep purple with black center
Blue Jay-  Medium blue with black center
Galahad- White
King Arthur- Deep purple with white center
Summer Skies- Sky blue with white center
Anemone ‘Harmony Series’
Poppy-Flowered Anemone, Anemone coronaria or Windflower is pure eye candy for early spring
borders or pots. We have three colors: orchid pink, scarlet red, and a deep purplish-blue.
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