Ivy Pelargoniums
Pelargonium x peltatum
also known as Ivy Geraniums
Interspecific Fusion Red
Balcon Princess
Balcon Royale
Francis Parmenter
Global Lilac
Global Merlot
Global Red
Double Pink Minicascade
Sophie Cascade
King of Balcon
Variegated Lavender Pink
No Photo Yet: Global Light Lavender, Global Neon Cherry, Global Ruby Red, Minicascade Lavender, Minicascade Red,
Nicole White, Sibyl Holmes Pink, Cascade Acapulco, Cascade White
We don't grow everything on our website every year.
See our
2015 Catalog for what we plan to grow this year.
Some items are only available for a brief period of time seasonally.
See our
Weekly Availability page for what is ready now.
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