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We are not open to the public. We sell to retail and wholesale nurseries,
landscape contractors, and landscaping professionals.

Soquel Nursery Growers
3645 North Main Street Soquel, CA 95073
(831) 475-3533 ~ (800) 552-0802 ~ (831) 475-1608 fax
Brilliant Pink Iceberg
Floribunda. Vigorous bushy, rounded habit to 4'. Profuse clusters of double vivid
pink & white blooms. Mild honey fragrance.
no photo yet
Burgundy Iceberg
Floribunda. Medium-tall with rounded bushy habit. Deep burgundy-purple with
cream reverse. Darker in cooler weather. Mild honey fragrance.
no photo yet
Cecile Brunner Climber
AKA Sweetheart Rose. Vigorous climber to 18'. Clusters of tiny pink flowers.
Moderate tea fragrance.
Chinensis mutabilis
Single flowers open yellow, then turn pink. Can reach 6' high and 8' wide without
pruning. Matte purple tinged leaves. Can be used as a landscaping shrub or hedge.
Ebb Tide
Floribunda. Vigorous bushy, rounded habit to 3'. Profuse clusters of double purple
blooms. Very fragrant.
no photo yet
Fourth of July Climber
Climber to 10-14'. Large white & red striped, loosely double flowers in clusters.
Moderate sweet fruity fragrance.
Hot Cocoa
Floribunda. Variable smokey chocolate-red double flowers. Moderate old rose
Iceberg Bush
Floribunda. Vigorous bushy, rounded habit to 3'. Profuse clusters of double white
blooms. Sweet fragrance.

Iceberg Climber
Climbing Floribunda. Vigorous growth to 10'-15'. Clusters of large white double
flowers. Mild honey fragrance.
Joseph's Coat Climber

Climber to 10' -12'. Multicolored orange, yellow and red double flowers. Slight tea
Just Joey
Hybrid Tea shrub. Medium rounded habit. Large double apricot blooms. Strong
fruity fragrance.
Liberty Bell
Miniflora. Bushy habit to 2'-3' tall and wide. Small red double flowers are red with
white reverse. Slight fragrance.
no photo yet
Sally Holmes Climber
Shrubby climber to 6'-12'. Large clusters of small peachy- white single flowers. Slight
Floribunda. Low mounding growth to 2'-3' high. Double lemon-yellow flowers.
Slightly fruity fragrance.
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