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August 2006 Newsletter
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Euphorbia ‘Tasmanian Tiger’

Even non-gardeners will say OOH and AHH when they see this
Euphorbia. The leaves are striped pale green and
creamy white. The plant is bold and exotic even when not
blooming, but when the white flowers appear people will stop
and stare.
Euphorbia ‘Tasmanian Tiger’ has a compact mounding
habit to 3’ x 3’. It enjoys full sun and well-drained soil. Plant
some in big glazed earthenware pots or mixed with grasses and
sedums for some serious WOW.
This genus of evergreen shrubs has such shiny leaves they appear to be varnished or dipped in oil. One of
their common names is
Mirror Plant. All varieties do well in sunny seacoast conditions, preferring a little
light shade inland. They tolerate a wide variety of soils and need little water. Enjoy their natural form or
shear into regular shapes. Combine with our fine selection of bronze, gold and green grasses for a rich
and satisfying effect. The shine, bold texture and colors make a great contrast with the cool, matte colors
and soft appearance of
Erica and Coleonema.  All are about 4’ x 4’.
Coleonema album
Coleonema pulchrum
Coleonema 'Sunset Gold'
Erica 'Darley Dale'
Small dark green-brown leaves turn
bright copper in winter.
Small leaves splashed and striped with
yellow, pink, and green.
Pink Splendor
Larger green leaves with irregular
yellow margins tinged with pink. Pinker
in winter.
Marble Queen
Larger green leaves splashed with
cream. 2’ tall x 4’ wide.
Rainbow Surprise in Spring
Rainbow Surprise in Winter
Rainbow Surprise: Puts on a show with its intriguing color change. Very small
leaves are peachy-gold and green in summer, darkening to orange in fall, to red
in winter.  
Roy’s Red
New for us this year! Small, round,
very dark green leaves with a reddish
Beatson’s Gold
New for us this year! Tiny olive-green
and gold leaves.
Get Ready for Fall- and Spring!

Most of us don’t want to think of summer’s end,
but you can plant now to enhance the beauties of the seasons to come.

Vitis coignetiae  
Crimson Glory Vine will live up to its name in the
autumn when its huge red leaves put on a spectacular

Kniphofia or Red Hot Poker is a great
drought tolerant plant from South Africa. We have
the  stunning yellow-orange variety
, Yellow Cheer,
with spikes of flowers in fall.  (Most other varieties
bloom in spring).  
Yellow Cheer makes grassy clumps to
5’x 4’.
They look especially wonderful with the bold green
and white striped
Miscanthus ‘Cosmopolitan’.

Correas bloom in the fall when many
drought-resistant landscapes look a little
dreary. We have
‘Carmine Bells’ and
‘Wynn's Wonder’ to perk up your dry
garden with a shot of color, and feed the
hummingbirds too.  ‘Wynn’s Wonder’ is new
for us this year. The leaves are bright green
with gold margins. The flowers are rosy-red.

The climbing rose ‘Cecile Brunner’ should be planted now so it
will be well established by spring. This is the rose that makes April and
May so glorious, with fragrant clouds of little pink flowers covering
fences and arbors.            

Enchanting little feather crowns, fit for a fairy princess! Easy-care Centaureas with their
exotic blooms will last for years in a sunny spot with good drainage and moderate water.
Both will grow to about 18” x 18”.
Centaurea dealbata or Persian Cornflower:
Pale pink fuzzy flowers and lacy foliage.
Centaurea montana or Mountain Bluet: A
fascinating shade of deep azure blue with a
crown of long feathery petals. The leaves are
long and dark green.
Autumn Sages

Salvia greggii hybrids look wonderful right now and on into the fall. They don’t need much water, and aren’
t bothered by pests or deer.  We have a selection of bright and pastel colors to fit any design.
California Sunset
Nuevo Leon
Sierra San Antonio

Salvia ‘Hot Lips’ is not a greggii hybrid, but has similar leaves and
growth habit. What makes it unusual is the color change that occurs in
the flowers. New stems will produce solid red flowers. As the stems
mature, the flowers will have more and more white in them. Selective
pruning will encourage constant new growth and the intriguing mix of
solid red, red and white, and solid white flowers on the same plant.
Two New Coreopsis

We have two sunny new Coreopsis or Tickseed for you to try. Let us know what
you think. Both like full sun and moderate water. They will bloom throughout the
summer and fall if you cut back the dead flowers. Good in containers and in the
perennial border.

‘Crème Brulee’: Deep yellow flowers with serrated petals. Lacy bright green
foliage. Dense growth to 20” x 35”.

‘Zamphir’: Golden-orange with fluted (tubular) petals. Low mounding habit to 12”
x 12”. Dark green rounded leaves.
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