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August 2008 Newsletter
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New Customer Service Representative

My name is Curtis, and I’m the new guy. Before finding my place at Soquel Nursery Growers, I was a vagrant.
Actually, I worked at a bamboo nursery. In any case, I cleaned up and got a job here, and my parents are really
proud. In my spare time, I enjoy fighting with the ivy in my backyard and riding my bicycle. I hope to see you soon.
Open Saturdays
We will continue to be open Saturday mornings
8:00 – 12:00 through August.
This is a nice relaxing time to come in and shop.
You won’t have to wait for an electric cart!
Groundcover Myoporum

Myoporum parvifolium ‘Tucson’ has a dense branching habit and
fine, needle-like leaves. The foliage is a fresh, bright green. In
moist soil the stems will form roots where they touch the ground.
The starry white flowers appear in summer. It will grow to about
6” high and 9’ wide. Myoporum parvifolium is an excellent
groundcover for sunny areas. In high water conditions it will
spread very quickly. Watering it less can easily control its

Besides being fun to say, Acanthopanax sieboldianus variegatus is
great in the garden. This deciduous shrub thrives under a wide variety
of conditions including clay soil and low water. The foliage is  bright
green splashed with cream and has a light, airy look. The small thorns
make it a good barrier plant. Deer reportedly leave it alone. It can be
grown anywhere except in hot afternoon sun. The flowers are
inconspicuous. Two of its common names are
Angelica Shrub and Five-
Leaf Aralia.
For more fun with syllables, say the genus into which it
was recently reclassified:
Elutherococcus. It grows to 6’ x 6’.
Geranium ‘Rozanne’

The wildly popular new Geranium ‘Rozanne’ will form a carpet of vivid
blue-violet flowers from early spring all the way into late fall. It
rambles nicely around other plants. The lacy green foliage turns red in
the fall. Deer and rabbits aren’t especially interested in it. In rich, well
drained soil it will spread to more than 2’ tall and 3’ wide. It is tolerant
of other soil types.  Plant in sun or shade.

The genus Cistus has perfect shrubs for our Mediterranean climate. They are enjoyed for their five-petaled crinkly
papery looking flowers and their tidy, sweetly aromatic foliage. They tolerate salt spray, wind, and baking heat. They
need no supplemental water once established. Deer don’t like them. Prune lightly after blooming. They need very little
pruning to maintain an attractive form.  They bloom profusely in the spring, having some flowers all year. Plant in full
sun for best bloom and appearance. We have a great selection right now.

Cistus ladanifer: Crimson-spot Rockrose. Large white flowers with an elegant red spot on each petal. Shiny dark
green leaves. 4’ x 4’.

Cistus purpureus: Orchid Rockrose. Large light purple flowers with a darker purple spot. Matte green leaves. 4’ x 4’.

Cistus skanbergii: Pink Rockrose. Small pale pink flowers completely cover the bush. Silvery grey-green leaves. 3'x6'.

Cistus ‘Sunset’: Magenta pink flowers and fuzzy fresh green leaves. 2’ x 6’.
Cistus ladanifer
Cistus purpureus
Cistus skanbergii
Cistus ‘Sunset’

Sunny and golden, carefree and easy…No flower says “Summer” like Rudbeckia, also known as
Gloriosa Daisy or Black Eyed Susan. These are all hybrids of Rudbeckia hirta, a short-lived
perennial often grown as an annual. They thrive in many climates and soil types.  
They bloom for months and months and make wonderful cut flowers.
Grow in full sun with moderate water.  
Indian Summer: Huge golden
yellow flowers with dark brown
centers. 40” tall.
Sonora: Yellow and burgundy
flowers with dark brown centers.
18” tall.
Irish Eyes:  Single yellow
flowers with unique green
center.  18” tall.
Prairie Sun:  Unique and striking
flower with green center and
petals that are dark yellow at the
base and pale yellow at the tips.  
32” tall.
Cordoba: Deep orange single
flowers with golden tips and dark
brown centers. Compact mounding
habit to 20” x 20”.
Chim Chiminee: Unusual flowers
with quilled (tubular) petals in
yellow, orange and bronze with
dark centers. 20" tall.