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February 2008 Newsletter
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Valentine Gardening

We always have a delightful assortment of  pink, white and red  “Flowers of  Mass Cuteness”
in February  to help you SPREAD THE LOVE!
Dicentra spectabilis or Bleeding Hearts:

This dainty woodland flower looks like a string
of exotic jewels or lingerie. In our climate,
they are best treated as a seasonal decoration
or garden experiment. They want well-drained
acidic soil, colder winters and no snails. We
have two varieties, pink and white.
Blushing Maiden
C.L. Wyatt
Devon Glow
Fancy Knickers
aka Garden Pinks or Carnations,  
are starting to bloom now. We have several
varieties chosen for their fragrance, flower size
and abundant blooms.   We have dwarf mounding
varieties and taller ones that make wonderful cut
flowers with their sweet clove fragrance. They
have gray leaves and flowers in various shades of
pink, salmon, white and red. Dianthus enjoy fast
draining, slightly alkaline soil in sun or light
shade. They are a classic romantic flower that
makes a lovely Valentine’s Day gift. One variety,
Spangled Star, actually has a red and white
heart on each petal!  Awww!
Little Bobby
Rosy Cheeks
Miss Pinky
War Bonnet
Noverna Mix
Rubys Tuesday
Spangled Star
Saxifraga decipens or Rockfoil forms a tidy mound of intriguingly serrated foliage  6”  high and 1’ across
starred with five-petaled red or white flowers. Great for pots or  rock gardens. Give good drainage and
medium water. Sun or part shade.
Parahebe perfoliata

Parahebe has no common name, and it certainly is
an uncommon shrub. It looks like a very young Silver
Dollar Eucalyptus. The blue grey leaves are fused
to the stem in opposite pairs. It will grow to 3’ x 3’
with a sprawling, open habit. Plant in sun or part
shade with regular water. The small violet flowers
resemble those of mints or salvias.  
Parahebe makes
a wonderful contrast with the finely textured shrub
Westringia ‘Wynyabbie Gem’ and the deep green,
Juncus patens.

Arctotis or African Daisies are great right now and through the summer. Our crops got frosty and pounded
with rain, and responded with lots of flowers. This is an easy-care landscaping plant for full sun.
It has grey leaves and a low, spreading habit.  We currently have:
Golden Sunburst
Aquilegia alpina
Aquilegia atrata
Aquilegia 'Barlow Blue'
Aquilegia 'Barlow Rose'
Aquilegia caerulea
'Clementine Salmon'
Aquilegia flabellata white
Aquilegia'Irish Elegance'
Aquilegia 'Origami Mix'
Aquilegia Tower Light Blue
Aquilegia Tower Light Pink
Aquilegia 'Winky Blue'
Winky Double Red & White
Aquilegia Winky Purple
Aquilegia 'Winky Red'
Aquilegia 'Winky Rose'

Our Columbines are coming along nicely. We have selected these varieties for their excellent performance in
our climate: attractive foliage, disease resistance and abundant bloom. All Aquilegias like full sun to light
shade, regular water and good drainage. The Tower colors are sold as a mix.
NEW!  No photo yet: Barlow Black, Barlow Bordeaux (wine-red), Aquilegia oxysepala (purple and yellow),
and Winky Double Blue & White.

This genus of evergreen shrubs has such shiny leaves they appear to be varnished or dipped in oil. One of
their common names is Mirror Plant. All varieties do well in sunny seacoast conditions, preferring a little
light shade inland. They tolerate a wide variety of soils and need little water. Enjoy their natural form or
shear into regular shapes. Combine with our fine selection of bronze, gold and green grasses for a rich
and satisfying effect. All are about 4’x 4’.
Carnival (aka Evening Glow)
Pink Splendor
Rainbow Surprise (in winter)
Rainbow Surprise (in summer)
Roys Red