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February 2010 Newsletter
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BullsEye™ Zonal Pelargoniums

The BullsEye™ series of Zonal Pelargoniums (aka Geraniums, or P. hortorum) has
deep chocolate-brown leaves with green margins.  We are growing Light Pink,
Scarlet, Red, Salmon, and Cherry in 4” pots. The flower heads are 4”-5” in
diameter.  BullsEye™ Pelargoniums have excellent heat tolerance and a long
bloom season. The vivid foliage and flowers won’t burn out in full sun. Their
compact growth habit (to 13”-15” tall and wide) is great for containers.

photo courtesy of Goldsmith Seeds
Valentine Gardening
We always have a delightful assortment of pink, white and red  
“Flowers of Mass Cuteness” in February
to help you  SPREAD THE LOVE!
Dianthus, aka Garden Pinks or Carnations, are starting to bloom now. We have dwarf mounding varieties and
taller ones that make wonderful cut flowers with their sweet clove fragrance. They have gray or green leaves and
flowers in various shades of pink, salmon, white and red. Dianthus enjoy fast draining, slightly alkaline soil in sun or
light shade. They are a classic romantic flower that makes a lovely Valentine’s Day gift. One variety,
'Spangled Star', has a red and white heart on each petal! Awww!
These four varieties have gray foliage and grow to about 1' x 1'.  They are available in 1 gallon cans.
Blushing Maiden
Rosie Cheeks
Spangled Star
Super Parfait Rasberry
Super Parfait Red
Super Parfait
Fandango Purple
Dulce White
Bleeding Hearts (Dicentra spectabilis)

This dainty woodland flower looks like a
string of exotic jewels or lingerie. In our
climate, they are best treated as a seasonal
decoration or garden experiment. They want
well-drained acidic soil, colder winters and no
snails. We have two varieties, pink and white.
These five varieties have green foliage and are available in 4” pots:
The Super Parfait series has 2” diameter single flowers with dark centers. Compact mounding habit to 8”-10”.  
We have Red, Raspberry and Strawberry.
Fandango Purple Picotee: Fragrant, semi-double flowers with white frilled edges. Tall habit to
16”x 18”.
Dulce White: A very heat-tolerant, long blooming single white. Compact mounding habit to 10”-12”. Fragrant.

photos courtesy of Goldsmith Seeds
Saxifraga decipens or Rockfoil forms a tidy
mound of intriguingly serrated bright green
foliage. It looks pettable, like a little sheep. The
flowers are little five petaled stars: pink, red,
white, or pink and white. Give it good drainage
and medium water. Sun or part shade.
We have the Pacific Giants series of Delphinium elatum in 1 and 2-gallon cans this year. The 2 gallons are
planted 3 per can for a spectacular show.  The dense spikes of flowers can reach 4’ tall.
Black Knight
Blue Jay
King Arthur
Summer Skies
Delphinium ‘Dasante Blue’ is one of the earliest blooming varieties. The
flowers are vibrant mid-blue with white centers and touches of violet.  It
has a compact habit to 28” x 12”.
Delphinium bellamosum ‘Belladonna’ has airy, branching spikes of light
blue flowers and a very long bloom season. 3’x 2’.
All delphiniums like rich, well-drained soil, full sun,
plenty of water and fertilizer.
Protect from snails.
Phlox subulata

Phlox subulata or Moss Pink forms a beautiful blue-green carpet of foliage covered with starry
flowers. It looks especially nice rambling around rocks and stepping-stones. The variety
is pink and white and blooms repeatedly throughout the winter and early spring. Crimson
is rosy pink. Emerald Blue has bright green foliage and pale blue flowers. We will also have
Coral Eye
(Pale coral with deeper eye) and Snowflake.
Candy Stripe
Crimson Beauty
Emerald Blue
Lithodora ‘Star’

Lithodora diffusa  ‘Blue Star’  and 'White Star' are  
great plants for a rock garden or to cascade over a
retaining wall.  ‘Blue Star’ has an electric blue star in
the center and white edges. 'White Star' has the same
colors in reverse. Like their parent
‘Grace Ward’,
have narrow, dark green leaves and a trailing
habit to 1’ x 1’. Grow them in full sun or light shade with
moderate water.
Lobelia ‘Queen Victoria’

Much of a garden’s visual interest in winter can
be derived from foliage.
Lobelia cardinalis
‘Queen Victoria’
has splendid deep red leaves
almost all year. Its bold texture and color makes
a nice contrast with bronze, blue and gray
grasses and other foliage plants. In summer it
will have spikes of scarlet flowers to 4’ tall. This
is a great plant for a boggy spot in full sun or
light shade. It grows to about 1’ wide.  It is
native to the eastern U.S. Hummingbirds love it.