Soquel Nursery Growers
July 2007 Newsletter
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New Customer Service Representative
Lisa Celentano
If you call or visit the office you may speak to our new service rep, Lisa C. It’s too complicated to explain
how she got here. Come on in and introduce yourself. Allow her to simplify your plant-shopping life.
Symphoricarpos ‘Amethyst’

This new cultivar of Coral Berry has a neater, more compact branching structure.  
The vivid purplish-pink berries make a nice contrast with the blue-green leaves. It
tolerates a wide variety of soil types including poor drainage.
will grow to 3-5’ tall and wide. Plant it in sun or light shade with
moderate water.
Light Brown Apple Moth

Soquel Nursery Growers is in full compliance with all state and federal regulations concerning the Light Brown
Apple Moth or LBAM. We inspect our plants ourselves every day and our facility is inspected regularly by
government officials. We are taking every precaution to protect our nursery, our customers,
and the nearby riparian area. Our federal certification number is CA-44QLBAMA2001001.
Rubus parviflorus

Along streams and banks in the redwood forest you will see the huge velvety
leaves of  
Rubus parviflorus or Thimbleberry growing up to 6’ tall. Plant them
along a path to make a luminous green corridor. The papery white flowers look
somewhat like wild roses. The delicious raspberry-like fruits are very popular
with birds and people.  Now you can have a bit of the redwood forest in your
garden.  The large leaves give a tropical look to your semi-shady spot.  Rubus
parviflorus is decidious.  In the forest, its dramatic reappearance in the spring
is one of the most delightul seasonal transformations of the redwood region.
Sunny and golden, carefree and easy…No flower says “Summer” like Rudbeckia, also known as Gloriosa Daisy or
Black Eyed Susan. These are all hybrids of Rudbeckia hirta, a short-lived perennial often grown as an annual.
They thrive in many climates and soil types.  They bloom for months and months and make wonderful cut flowers.
Grow in full sun with moderate water.  

Indian Summer: Huge golden yellow flowers with dark brown centers. 40” tall.

Sonora: Yellow and burgundy flowers with dark brown centers. 18” tall.

Irish Eyes:  Single yellow flowers with unique green center.  18” tall.

Prairie Sun:  Unique and striking flower with green center and petals that are dark yellow at the base and pale
yellow at the tips.  32” tall.

Cordoba: Deep orange single flowers with golden tips and dark brown centers. Compact mounding habit to 20” x 20”.
Indian Summer
Irish Eyes
Prairie Sun
Buddleias are Back
People have been clamoring for Butterfly Bush, so we are growing them again. All four of these varieties grow to
about 8’ x 6’. Plant in full sun. Cut off the old flowers for a  tidy appearance and to prevent volunteer seedlings.
Buddleia will look a lot more attractive if you cut it back almost to the ground every fall.
Black Knight
Pink Delight
Royal Red
Spring Madness Takes its Toll

Please accept our apologies for not producing a May or June newsletter. Everything got all crazy.
Things have now returned to what passes for normal around here.