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March 2007 Newsletter
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Rehmannia elata
Rehmannia elata or Chinese foxglove seldom blooms in the nursery pot.
Gardeners in the know will plant it now in anticipation of its fabulous
towers of deep rose-pink flowers, which can reach 3’ tall. Our crop can
be enjoyed now for its bold serrated leaves. The flowers will appear
again and again throughout the summer.
Rehmannia elata is not popular
with rabbits or deer. It will form a dense clump that chokes out weeds.
This is a great plant for dry light shade. Moderate water will keep it from
spreading too much.  In moist areas it may take over.
‘Barlow’ series:

Double and spurless, little
pompoms almost like dahlias.
We have
Christa,  (blue and
Dark Blue, and Red.
Aquilegia caerulea:

Large blue and white flowers
with very long spurs.  2’ x 2’.
Aquilegia flabellata:

Rounded, fan-shaped leaves and a compact growth
habit to 15” tall. The flowers have the classic
columbine shape in
pink, white, or blue. This is
one of the more mildew-resistant species.
NEW! ‘Clementine Salmon’:

Double, upward facing rosy-coral
flowers with elongated petals.
Compact mounding habit to 18” tall.
‘Irish Elegance’:

2” diameter double, white
with green tips.
‘Origami’ Mix:

The classic single columbine shape with elegant spurs. Bright bicolors and solids.   
Grey leaves.  14”-16” tall.
‘Tower’ Series:

Double with spurs. Available as a mix of various light blues and

Our Columbines are coming along nicely. We have selected these varieties for their excellent
performance in our climate: attractive foliage, disease resistance and abundant bloom.
Aquilegias like full sun to light shade, regular water and good drainage.

No photo yet: Aquilegia alpina:  Deep violet blue. 18” x 1”. Aquilegia atrata: Deep burgundy. 2’ x 1’.
‘Winky’ Series:
Compact, mounding plants with bicolored upward-facing flowers.
The centers are white. We have
Blue, Purple, Red, Double Red & White, Rose, and White.
Lavatera ‘Chamallow’

‘Chamallow’ is a superior cultivar of Lavatera or Bushmallow.  It has a
dense, rounded habit and profuse rose-pink flowers.  
‘Chamallow’ is
also sometimes sold as
‘Inovera.’ It’s the same plant. This shrub will
grow to 4’ x 4’.  It likes full sun and low water.
Fuchsia paniculata

Most gardeners know fuchsias as smallish plants for hanging baskets or
pots. Fuchsia paniculata is a beautiful landscaping shrub with large
dark glossy green leaves. The clusters of little pink flowers look more
like lilacs than the pendulous earring-like flowers of hybrid fuchsias.
Unlike many hybrid fuchsias, Fuchsia paniculata is resistant to the leaf-
distorting gall mite. It grows to 8’ x 8’ if planted in rich, moist soil in
light shade.
Roses are Coming
We have our 5-gallon grafted roses planted.  They are just starting to leaf and root
out. We don’t recommend planting them now, because the loose potting soil will tear off
the delicate new root hairs as it spills out of the can. Most retailers prefer to wait to
purchase roses until they are fully rooted. However, once we advertise our roses they
can sell out very quickly. We do not hold roses on reserve. All sales are first come,
first served. If we have a variety you simply must have, you might want to buy it now
and keep it in the can until it is fully rooted-probably in April.  See our
availability page
for what's ready this week. See our
rose page for photos of the roses we are growing
this year. We have old favorites and some exciting new varieties.