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March 2009 Newsletter
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We sell to wholesale and retail nurseries, landscape contractors,
and landscaping professionals.
Armeria alliacea
Armeria maritima
Roses are Coming
We have our 5-gallon grafted roses planted.  They are just starting to leaf and root
out. We don’t recommend planting them in early March, because the loose potting soil
will tear off the delicate new root hairs as it spills out of the can. Most retailers
prefer to wait to purchase roses until they are fully rooted. However, once we
advertise our roses they can sell out very quickly. We do not hold roses on reserve. All
sales are first come, first served. If we have a variety you simply must have, you might
want to buy it now and keep it in the can until it is fully rooted - late March or early
April.  See our
availability page for what's ready this week. See our rose page for
photos of the roses we are growing this year.
Saxifraga decipens or Rockfoil forms a tidy mound of intriguingly serrated foliage  6”  high and 1’ across
starred with five-petaled red or white flowers. It looks pettable, like a little sheep.  Great for pots or  rock
gardens.  Plant it with
Armeria for a nice textural contrast. Give  them good drainage and medium water. Sun
or part shade.
aka Garden Pinks or Carnations,  
are starting to bloom now. We have several varieties chosen for their
fragrance, flower size and abundant blooms.   We have dwarf mounding
varieties and taller ones that make wonderful cut flowers with their
sweet clove fragrance. They have gray leaves and flowers in various
shades of pink, salmon, white and red. Dianthus enjoy fast draining,
slightly alkaline soil in sun or light shade.
Blushing Maiden 18" x 12"
C. L. Wyatt  1' x 1'
Devon Glow  1' x 1'
Fancy Knickers
occasional red centers 6"X 12"
Miss Pinky   6" x 12"
New!  Neon Star  7" X 7"
Parfait  1' x 1'
Rosy Cheeks 6" x 12"
Ruby's Tuesday 6" x 12"
War Bonnet 1' x 1'
Aquilegia alpina  18" x 1'
Aquilegia atrata  2' x 1'
'Barlow Bordeaux'
'Barlow Christa'
'Barlow Rose'
Aquilegia caerulea  2' x 2'
'Clementine Salmon' 18" x 18"
'Origami Mix' 14"-16" tall
'Winky Double Blue & White'
'Winky Purple'
'Winky Red'
'Winky White'
Our Columbines are coming along nicely. We have selected these varieties
for their excellent performance in our climate: attractive foliage, disease
resistance and abundant bloom.
Aquilegia chrysantha: Southwestern US native with yellow, long spurred
flowers. 36” x 18”.  
New this year, pictured at right.
Aquilegia formosa:
California redwood region native with yellow and red
flowers.  2’x 1’. No photo yet.
‘Magpie’: Dark blue and white with curled spurs. 18” x 1’. No photo yet.
The Winky Series has upward-facing flowers and a compact, mounding habit.
Black Knight
Blue Jay
King Arthur
Summer Skies

If you wait until the flower spikes form to buy our
Delphiniums, you might miss them! We have the
series of
Delphinium elatum. With rich, well-drained soil,
full sun, plenty of water, fertilizer and snail bait, they
will reach 4’ tall.
New for us this year is
Delphinium ‘Summer Morning’,
(at left) a dwarf mounding variety with feathery foliage
and branching spikes of pale pink flowers.

Dazzling and tough, Watsonias or Bugle Lilies are an excellent choice for
low-water, low-maintenance gardens. The corms naturalize freely in our
climate. Every few years you can dig some up for your friends. The 3’ tall
flower spikes are ideal for cut flowers. We have red, orange, pink, and white.