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May 2006 Newsletter
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Closed Memorial Day
We will be closed Monday, May  29th
in observance of Memorial Day.
Artichoke ‘Green Globe’
Artichokes are not just for dinner anymore. Use this
wonderful bold-textured plant as an accent in your perennial
border. Ours are seed grown, so they don’t produce as
heavily as clonal types, but they will still give you large,
flavorful flower buds for several months each year. Eat
them or let them develop into fabulous fuzzy purple flowers.
Dampiera diversifolia
Here’s a fun little flower to use as a ground cover or
trailing down the side of a container. It is vivid blue-
purple with a yellow center. The shiny green foliage is
eye-catching as well. It grows 4” high with an 18”
spread. Plant in sun with moderate water.
Gaillardia ‘Fanfare’
Our customers are clamoring for this amazing flower, so we are
growing it again. The petals (rays) of this daisy relative are
tube-shaped, like a ring of vivid yellow and orange trumpets around
the red-orange center. It will bloom profusely all year if you give it
full sun. Great in containers or in the garden.
New Zealand Flax
We now have three colorful varieties of Phormiums.
These sturdy landscaping plants are highly sought after, so don’t wait to get some.

Apricot Queen: Medium-yellow with green margins. Apricot tinted in winter. 3’ x 5’.
Yellow Wave: Bright yellow with green margins. 3’ x 2’.
Sundowner: Bronze with red margins. 5’x 6’.

‘Unidentata’ means ‘One Tooth’. The flowers of
Monopsis unidentata ‘Royal Flush’ look like a funny
little one-toothed face….sort of.  Maybe. Anyway, they
are very cute.  Its trailing habit and deep purple color
makes a great combination with Sutera and Calibrachoa
in a hanging basket or in the front of a flower border.
Cypella coelestis
Each iris-like Goblet Flower lasts for only one day, but the bulb produces a succession of flowers
throughout the summer. Enjoy its intriguing blue, yellow and white geometry in light shade.

Calycanthus occidentalis or Spicebush is native to
Northern California’s forest canyons and moist
stream banks. The burgundy-colored flowers
resemble small water lilies with long petals. It is not
related to the East Coast native called Spicebush.
The foliage smells spicy when rubbed and the
flowers have a wine-like fragrance. Calycanthus is
hard to find in nurseries and seldom seen in
gardens. If you have a shady area, here’s your
chance to create a unique California habitat.  
Crimson Glory Vine is Back

We haven’t had Vitis coignetiae for a while, but now
we have a nice crop in 5 gallons. This deciduous vine is
celebrated for its huge bronzy-green leaves with rich
crimson fall color. Give it something to twist its little
tendrils around and it will climb up to 15 feet or more.
It looks terrific against a brick wall or on a wooden
arbor. Birds like the little grapes, but people don’t.  
Plant in full sun.
Cestrum aurantiacum

Orange Cestrum is an unusual shrub from Guatemala.
The clusters of small tube-shaped flowers are a rare
shade of creamy orange with a fresh citrus scent at
night. The branches are flexible enough that you can
espalier it, or enjoy its natural rounded habit. Grows to
8’ x 6’ in full sun.
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