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October 2008 Newsletter
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Fall is Prime Planting Time

This is the best time of year to plant many perennials, shrubs and trees. The soil is at its warmest
temperature of the year, stimulating root growth while the days are short, slowing down leaf growth.
This combination gets plants off to a healthy start.
It makes for longer-lived, sturdier plants and a big growth spurt in spring.
New Zealand Tea Trees

Great Leaping Leptospermum! These popular shrubs make a dazzling splash in winter and early spring.  Leptospermum
wins a prize for Most Versatile Form. If sheared regularly they stay dense all the way to the ground. You
can also selectively prune them up to show their intriguing gnarled and twisted branches with fibrous bark. You can
train them into a standard, make them into a formal hedge, shear them into balls, cubes, cylinders, etc., or simply
relax and enjoy their picturesque natural shapes. Their darling little papery flowers come in a variety of colors:

Appleblossom: Pale pink, double. 7’ x 5’.
Burgundy Queen: Deep cherry-red, double. Dark reddish-green leaves.  7’ x 5’.
Nanum ‘Tui’: A dwarf variety, 3’ x 2’. Single pink flowers with dark centers are followed by interesting button-like
seedpods, which remain on the branches. Finely textured bronzy-green foliage.
Snowflake: White, double. 7’x 5’.
Burgundy Queen
Nanum ‘Tui’
Tagetes lemmonii

Mexican Marigold, Bush Marigold and Copper Canyon
are some of the common names for Tagetes lemmonii.
This lacy textured aromatic shrub is highly deer resistant
and drought tolerant. If you don’t prune it in the summer, it
will have golden-yellow flowers in the fall. You can prune it
after flowering to encourage bushy growth, or let it be airy
and sprawling. People either love or hate the way the foliage
smells. It will grow to about 5’x 5’ if you let it, but you can
keep it smaller. Plant it in full sun.

This genus of evergreen shrubs has such shiny leaves they appear to be varnished or dipped in oil. One of
their common names is
Mirror Plant. All varieties do well in sunny seacoast conditions, preferring a little
light shade inland. They tolerate a wide variety of soils and need little water. Enjoy their natural form or
shear into regular shapes. Combine with our fine selection of bronze, gold and green grasses for a rich and
satisfying effect. The shine, bold texture and colors make a great contrast with the cool, matte colors and
soft appearance of
Erica and Coleonema.  All are about 4’ x 4’. Ours are turning various interesting colors
now for the cool winter weather.

Carnival (aka Evening Glow): Small leaves splashed and striped with yellow, pink, and green. Tinted with
red in winter.

Pink Splendor: Larger green leaves with irregular yellow margins tinged with pink. Pinker in winter.

Marble Queen: Larger green leaves splashed with cream. 2’ tall x 4’ wide.

Rainbow Surprise: Puts on a show with its intriguing color change. Very small leaves are peachy-gold and
green in summer, darkening to orange in fall, to red in winter.  
Pink Splendor
Marble Queen
Rainbow Surprise (summer)
Rainbow Surprise (winter)
Coleonema pulchrum

Heaths burst out of their summer anonymity with clouds of tiny pink bells in
winter. We have two of the best varieties for our climate, a tall one and a short
Ericas prefer sandy, acidic soil and moderate water. Shear lightly after
bloom to remove spent flowers but don’t prune hard.

Erica canaliculata: Christmas Heath. Bushy spires to 6’ tall and 4’ wide.
Branches are long lasting in flower arrangements.

Erica darleyensis ‘Darley Dale’. 1’ tall x 2’ wide. Light pink flowers. Bright green
needle-like leaves.
Erica caniculata
Erica ‘Darley Dale’

Violas or Pansies are excellent
for quick winter color. We have
two kinds in 1-gallon cans. They
are listed together in our
availability as “Violas Assorted”.  
Plant in full sun or light shade.
Antique Shades
Pandora's Box
Tricyrtis ‘Empress’: Larger white flowers with
purple spots. 30” x 18”. Has runners but is not

We have two marvelous Toad Lilies for
your shady garden. The flowers have six
petals in an elegant geometric arrangement,
resembling tiny orchids. Plant them in a spot
where they can be admired up close.

They are easy to grow if you give them
humus rich soil, mulch and regular water. In
a cold winter or drought they will lose their
leaves, but should recover if well

Their leaves are narrow, dark green and
glossy. Profuse, long-lasting sprays of
flowers appear in late summer through fall.

Tricyrtis do well in big pots if you fertilize
them regularly. Light shade brings out the
colors of the flowers better than deep
Tricyrtis ‘Taipei Silk’: Compact habit to 2’x 2’.
White petals with pink-purple edges and spots,
orange pistils and yellow stamens.